Suburban Soul
is Dee's first offering as a singer, songwriter, keyboardist and producer. All of the music and lyrics on the Suburban Soul CD have been composed, arranged and produced by Dee. She also produced and published the CD for her own company, Boyron Music. Dee brought together an extremely talented gathering of performers for this recording. The musical performances are a blend of the lush sweetness of adult contemporary ballads, the excitement of R&B swing and the delectable pulse of smooth jazz. The lyrics tell the stories of our lives. The style is unique, the style is Suburban Soul. As Dee put it: "This was truly a labor of love. The concept for Suburban Soul came to me while I was trying to categorize my music. What I found was that I belong in my own category, and I call it Suburban Soul."
Suburban SoulA Word About The Compositions :
Il Mio Bellissimo describes what love feels like when you've met your soul mate and the vision of their beauty is always within your heart and mind. A sultry contemporary Bossa with a beautiful melody over the pulsating urges of layered percussion and sophisticated harmonies. Lyrics

Suburban Soul is what I have seen of the suburban bedroom community I live in, where almost everyone attempts to deal with a long commute, stressful working conditions and an unfriendly urban environment. Their reward for all this work is to be comin' home to some Suburban Soul. Funky, swingin' blues with subtle rhythmic surprises giving an energetic impetus to vocal and piano expression.

Welcome To The Human Race is about people in a densely populated environment wanting desperately to connect with others but never taking the first step to communicate. Driving urban R & B powered by percussion, rolling bass and wah-wah guitar shows off powerful syncopated vocals.

Love Never Changes tells the basic story of love that we all share - "the more things change, the more they stay the same." A unique blend of sensitive yet strong vocal and melody lightly seasoned with two basses, strings, percussion, french horns and oboe.

Feelin' Down tells the story of a woman who has discovered that her husband is cheating on her and is alone at home coping with this reality. A medium blues in a major key, this is the best feeling down song around with a lyrical guitar, rocking bass and drums.

Dee Cannizzaro Wind Of Change is about taking the time to look inside yourself and finding the energy that can change you. A top down, highway ride driven by percussion and bass with ethereal guitar pads and tubular bells.

Making Sweet Love Tonight is about a wife who takes her husband back after he had an affair and tries to recapture the feelings of love they once shared. A contemporary pop ballad with a beautiful melody carried by an emotionally moving arrangement.

You Are The One For Me describes the overwhelming feeling of total emotional freedom that comes from being loved for who you are. In this contemporary pop shuffle the vocal leads the way to an exciting harmonic surprise.

Stories is about memories of my mother and how I feel about her untimely death when I was twelve years old. Haunting smooth jazz voicings let the lyrics tell the story with a sweet soprano sax taking the song out over a groove that feels like it never wants to end.